League Format
The Women’s Day League will consist of city, club and subdivision   
teams who can guarantee the use of three tennis courts, restrooms on
premises, snacks/beverages for guests and access to water. 
As we try to make the Women’s Day League one of the friendliest and most fun tennis leagues in the greater Wilmington area, it is important to make sure that guests feel welcome at your respective courts.   

Teams will be able to participate in the following flights:  

Flight 1 (4.0-4.5+rating)...plays on Mondays
Flight 2 (3.5-4.0 rating)...plays on Wednesdays
Flight 3 (3.0-3.5 rating)...plays on Tuesdays
Flight 4 (2.5-3.0 rating)...plays on Thursdays

Team Format
A team must have a minimum of eight players to form a team.  
There is no limit to the number of players that you may have on your roster.
Only players listed on the team roster may play for that team.  Any team
using an ineligible player will forfeit the team match where the ineligible
player is used.  An ineligible player is a player that is under 18, hasn’t
paid the league fee, and was not listed on the roster.
Match Format
Teams will play one match per week on the designated day for their playing level.
Each team match will consist of three doubles matches.
Six players are needed to play a match.
Teams should play in order of strength per N.T.R.P ratings.  
(i.e. the strongest NTRP rating should be at the #1 spot, second strongest
NTRP rating at the #2 spot, etc.)

If a team does not have 6 players for a match, the team will forfeit 3rd doubles.

If both teams forfeit 3rd doubles and they split 1st and 2nd doubles, use the following tiebreak procedure:
The team that loses the fewest number of sets wins the match. 
The team that loses the fewest number games wins the match.

Individual matches will be two out of three sets with a Coman ten point tie breaker played if a third set must be played.  
If the set score is tied 6-6, then a Coman 7-point tiebreaker will be played.

Warm-up time is limited to 10 minutes and matches are scheduled to
begin at their scheduled start time .

There is a 15 minute default rule. Teams not on the court 15 minutes past their scheduled starting time should be defaulted by their own captain.

A team who is scheduled as the home team is responsible for providing 3 cans of new tennis balls, preferably for the correct court surface.

Rain Makeups
If a match is stopped due to inclement weather, team captains should reschedule the rained out matches as soon as possible (within 15 business days).  If the team captains are not able to reschedule the match prior to the end of the season, then it will be played at the end of the season on the rain days listed on the schedule.  
After line-ups are exchanged for a rain makeup match, if you have to sub in a player due to illness/injury/etc, that player must be the same rating as the player that they are subbing for.  This rule only applies to matches that have not started play and had to stop due to inclement weather.

Heat Rule
The rule for deciding on whether to reschedule a match due to heat is the following:
(1) First use the National Weather Service to get the hourly temperatures for your scheduled match.  
(2) If the heat index (feels like) is 100 degrees or greater during your match, then your match “may” be treated as a makeup.  Both teams have to agree to play if heat index condition is at 100 or greater.

Cold Weather Rule
If the "feels like" temperature per the National Weather Service is 38 degrees or under for the duration of the match, then the match may be rescheduled.  However, if the "feels like" temperature is 38 degrees or under, BUT both captains would like to play then that is not a problem.           

Match Results
The HOST team captain, or their representative, is responsible for emailing the match score to info@wilmingtonteamtennis.com by 6pm on the day of the match.  
After 2 days, the VISITING team captain should verify the scores online. 

Determining League Winner
Team Win/Loss record  – if there’s a tie then…
Head to head – if there’s still a tie then…
Fewest individual matches lost against the team that is tied then fewest sets lost against the tied team then most games won against that opponent will decide the winner.

Registration Fee:                       
The Women’s Day League fee is $25/per player. 

Women’s Day League
E-mail : info@wilmingtonteamtennis.com
Phone:  919-332-2351