2018 Fall Day League Dates

I know that many of you love to plan ahead so I would like to share the fall day league dates/information below....

2018 Fall Day League:
Starts the week of September 10th until early December.

  • Flight 1 (4.0-4.5) on Mondays
  • Flight 2 (3.5-4.0) on Wednesdays
  • Flight 3 (3.0-3.5) on Tuesdays
    *For Flight 3, please note that if there are over 14 teams registered, that Flight 3 may be split into 2 divisions based on the previous season's win/loss record in order to offer more balance play: i.e.: Flight 3A and Flight 3B  
  • Flight 4 (2.5-3.0) on Thursdays
  • +55 (3.0-3.5) on Mondays
  • Friday Singles (2.5's, 3.0s, 3.5s): starts September 21st

Deadline to register: August 20, 2018